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Trump’s Woman In Maine Continues to Embarrass Herself


Reasonable, moderate, thinking person’s Republican Susan Collins has some thoughts in the aftermath of voting to put a credibly accused attempt rapist on the Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade:

Yes, putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, after the victim has been attacked by Republicans up to an including the President of the United States, will definitely encourage more women to come forward about being sexually assaulted. I see no flaws in this theory. Oh, and in addition, Collins has fully embraced the conspiracy theory that got Ed Whelan laughed off of Twitter. To say that Blasey Ford is either a liar or delusional and then say you want more victims to come forward…what a horrible person.

And, yes, between all this and the comprehensively dishonest partisan speech she gave to announce her proud vote, anyone who thinks Collins was gettable for a meaningful no vote is out of their goddamned mind.

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