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The Mommy Party


I’ve always been extremely grossed out by the characterization of the Democratic Party as the “Mommy party,” not because “Mommy” issues aren’t important-they’re extremely important. But the concerns of women and liberals are often cast as “soft” or niche issues instead of being cast as serious issues that all serious adults should prioritize. If making sure that everyone has access to decent healthcare and a decent education isn’t a top priority for you, you’re an idiot, plain and simple.

I found this read by Jess Zimmerman cathartic, but I wanted to expound on her thoughts re: Dr. Ford a bit. As others have noted, she was a “model survivor–” educated, upper-middle-class, blonde, measured, intelligent and thoughtful. As shamefully as she was treated I shudder to think how she would have been treated if she had been a woman of color or poor or fat.

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