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Is this the presidential pivot pundits have been waiting for?


The switch: From decrying violence and calling for unity in the wake of assassination attempts that targeted several people he has attacked, to attacking one of the targets of the attempt probably isn’t what the Amalgamated Brotherhood of Serious & Objective Trump Watchers have in mind. But it’s the best they’re going to get. I’m sure they’ll find a presidential pony in the pile of Titanide droppings.

The president stepped on his own message just minutes after repeating his calls for unity by attacking Democrats, “fake polls” and other opponents.

During a riff on trade, Trump went after “globalists” he accused of hurting the U.S. economy. Several audience members shouted out “George Soros” and “lock ’em up.”

Trump chuckled, pointed to the crowd and repeated the phrase “lock ’em up.”

King Kumquat uses the word globalists and the audience starts baying about George Soros and locking him up. He laughs along. Team work, howling anti-Semite version. And yet there will still be Professional Ponderers who aren’t sure that the GOP is thoroughly infested with anti-Semites. But they’ll get around to considering the question just as soon as they settle the Are they or aren’t they? regarding the presence of more than one or two racists in the Grand Old Party.

I suspect that Dump is flattered by the fact someone tried to kill a bunch of people he doesn’t like. But he does seem miffed by the fact that he’s been upstaged.

Trump also said that the bomb scare had overshadowed his proposal to reduce prescription drug prices.

“Now, our law enforcement has done such a good job that maybe it can start to disappear rapidly because we don’t like those stories,” he said.

Hint to Fox News, ixnay onay oremay ombbay toriessay.

The comments are a sign that Trump views the incident as a political obstacle to move past rather than a reckoning for the nation’s toxic political atmosphere he has helped stoke.

In a tweet earlier Friday, the president lamented that the bomb scare halted Republican “momentum” heading into next month’s midterm elections. He put the word bomb in scare quotes, an apparent nod to conspiracy theories about the suspicious packages voiced by some of his supporters.

And of course there is no guarantee that he won’t decide it was all some sort of conspiracy to make him look bad — funded by George Soros, of course.

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