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Nice Guys and Damsels in Distress


A common theme in Nice Guy (and even Alpha Guy) complaints is that today’s mean feministy world deprives men of chances to save damsels in distress. They’re aching for a chance to save us from something they tell us. But we won’t let them because we’re too busy listening to Beyonce through our headphones and getting high on girl power.

My frustration is they often don’t specify what they want to save us from. It turns out it’s other men. So instead of longing for a world where women don’t have to fear for their emotional or physical safety, Nice Guys (and some Alpha Guys) want a world where the world is quite scary for women–and only they can save us.

Instead of working to smash the patriarchy and rape culture and encouraging men not to act like dogs, rapists and abusers, they just wanna hang out, oblivious, ’til they’re afforded the opportunity to swoop in and save the day. It’s pretty disgusting if you give it even two seconds’ thought.

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