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What’s New In Baltimore?


The answer is me! I am speaking today at 1 at the Baltimore Book Festival, thanks to Red Emma’s inviting me to speak as part of their Radical Bookfair Pavilion. Given that I am a neoliberal sellout because as early as 2012 I was calling out St. Glenn Greenwald for his libertarian jerkiness and urging people to see general elections as a choice about solidarity instead of projecting your own consumeristic desires on voting, I’m not sure how this happened. But hey, onward to revolution!

Also, I officially apologize for using a Frank Zappa song title for this post title, but it fit. Plus, one of the only listenable albums he has is that 1982 show on the You Can’t Do That on Stage Anymore series, because that band was ridiculously good. So if you want to throw eggs at me for this, well, I’d hardly blame you.

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