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It’s 11 AM Somewhere


Waiter! There is a black fly in the Chardonnay!

Former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy warned high schoolers, as the toxic fight over confirming Brett Kavanaugh to replace him on the court continues, that the country is seeing the “death and decline of democracy.”

“Perhaps we didn’t do too good a job teaching the importance of preserving democracy by an enlightened civic discourse,” Kennedy said during an appearance at a high school in his hometown of Sacramento, California. “In the first part of this century we’re seeing the death and decline of democracy.”

Who could have possibly foreseen that handing a Supreme Court seat to Donald Trump would result in a complete shitshow?

Did you know that when the Supreme Court lawlessly intervened to ensure the election of their preferred candidate, Anthony Kennedy wrote (although he did not have the courage to put his name on) the opinion? True story!

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