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The one face of Sen. Ted Cruz


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr would oppose athletes who kneel during the national anthem to protest police violence against black people.

My opponent thinks it is wrong to smear an African-American man who ‘found himself murdered‘ in his home by a off-duty police officer who claims she accidentally blundered into his apartment. Quelle honte!

In short, the right time to say summary execution of African-Americans is wrong is never.

Somewhat related: The GOP seems to have put aside their Lincoln Freed the Slaves gag. Perhaps Republicans realized that its base includes people who believe that freeing slaves was a huge mistake.

At any rate, the new gag is an alt-history in which all Republicans supported the civil rights of African-Americans while Democrats were all running around in white hoods and waving nooses.

Frankly, I wonder why they bother.

The GOP is the party of racists. Black people know this, brown people know this, white people know this. No one, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, orientation or amount of time since they came out of a coma votes for the GOP because they think Republicans are going to protect the rights of minorities, especially the right to vote.

Maybe they just like lying. They certainly do it a lot.

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