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The Perfect Trump Appointee


Now I see why Trump nominated Kavanaugh:

But when it came to food, the future Supreme Court pick found hardly anything palatable, Christmas said. Kavanaugh was a “bland eater,” his roommate explained, who never ate his pasta with anything more exotic than tomato sauce or ketchup on top. At visits to Yorkside Pizza following late nights at Toad’s Place — the friends did not go often, Christmas said, as Kavanaugh had “limited dance moves” — the judge’s pizza had to be plain cheese, or sometimes just pepperoni.

“When he had spaghetti sauce, it was ragu — he didn’t want anything spicier than that,” Hartmann added.

Pasta with ketchup. Um….

Look, I know that I can’t wait to Make America Great Again by making the eating of food with flavor a felony. This is Trump’s America, we just live in it. Or die in it.

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