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Leonard Leo Is Offended That You Would Think He’s Good At His Job


I see Leonard Leo has already started the game of “absolutely nobody knows what decisions a judge I handpicked because I can predict their votes with near-perfect certainty would issue stop SCAREMONGERING”:

Leonard Leo, a leader of the conservative Federalist Society who is advising President Donald Trump on his Supreme Court pick, said Sunday it’s a mystery whether one of the job’s finalists would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Nobody really knows,” Leo said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I think it’s a bit of a scare tactic and rank speculation more than anything else.”

But Trump himself has said he wants to put people on the court who support overturning the landmark 1973 decision that granted women the constitutional right to have an abortion. And if anyone knows of a potential Supreme Court pick who would support doing this, it’s Leo.

He crafted Trump’s short list of potential Supreme Court nominees. All but one of the 25 people on the list are members of The Federalist Society, a national organization of conservative lawyers, and there’s a clear pattern to judicial nominees being fed by the group: They are young, conservative and have records of being very opposed to abortion rights.

Leo has the powerful track record of helping to pick and confirm three of the court’s conservative justices, John Roberts, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch. He’s also had a hand in Trump’s picks for lower courts; the president has gotten a whopping 21 circuit court judges confirmed since taking office and nearly all were outsourced to The Federalist Society to fill.

This bullshit is, of course, a close cousin to “Borking”: i.e. “the greatest act of incivility in American politics is accurately summarizing a conservative’s views.”

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