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Apparently Campus PC Really Is Out of Control!


Let’s check in on misogynist crank Jordan Peterson and his crusade for campus free speech:

University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson is taking legal action against Wilfrid Laurier University after a T.A. was criticized for showing a YouTube clip of him.

Petersen – a psychology professor who’s contentious views have been protested across the country – and his lawyer, Howard Levitt of Levitt LLP, are suing the school and three faculty members for defamation worth $1.5 million.

The claims, which haven’t been proven in court, say comments made in a closed meeting were defamatory and intended to discredit Peterson.

Peterson’s controversial views on the use of gender pronouns for trans-people became the subject of a free speech debate at Laurier after T.A. Lindsay Shepherd showed a video clip of him during a class tutorial. [Note for American readers: “tutorial” is the equivalent of a discussion section at an American university.]

Really looking forward to Prof. Peterson’s Aspen Conference panel, “Fuck your feelings: why social justice warriors and their TRIGGER WARNINGS are destroying free speech on campus, and why you should file frivolous lawsuits against academics who criticize you in private.”

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