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Mark Warner Gets Behind Trump to Support Torturer


This is appalling:

Gina Haspel appears to have secured enough votes to be confirmed as the country’s next CIA director after stating in a letter to a top Democrat that the agency never should have detained terrorist suspects and employed brutal interrogation techniques against them.

Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) said Tuesday that he had asked Haspel to write down her views because he believed that in one-on-one meetings she had expressed greater regret, and more resolute moral opposition to the agency’s interrogation program than she had communicated during her confirmation hearing last week.

“I believe she is someone who can and will stand up to the President if ordered to do something illegal or immoral — like a return to torture,” Warner said in a statement, citing his past interaction with Haspel and the overwhelming support for her among the agency’s rank and file. He added that he also had “respect” for those “who have made a different decision” about her nomination.

Not only does Warner have a relatively safe seat, he’s not even running in 2018. He’s not facing a tough political choice. He thinks a torturer should be head of the CIA on the merits, because he quite ludicrously thinks her words when trying to shore up her nomination count for more than her actions. Multiple red state Democrats facing tough fights held firm and he just completely undercut them. I guess he thought Feinstein having the lowest WAR of any Democratic senator was getting too boring.

…even before this, adjusted for context Warner is the most pro-Trump Democratic senator. There will hopefully be a serious effort to primary him.

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