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This Cake Really Tastes Like Shit


You will be shocked to learn that Scott Pruitt’s desire to isolate himself from the public — often at lavish public expense — are not actually motivated by security concerns:

Mr. Pruitt had spent the previous six years as Oklahoma’s attorney general attacking E.P.A. regulations in court, often in coordination with energy giants. Now he ran the agency, and he was ready to lay out his vision for the energy executives. “Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too, doesn’t know what to do with cake,” Mr. Pruitt said, according to a speech prepared for the March 2017 event.

Details from the breakfast, and dozens of other official appearances from Mr. Pruitt’s scandal-plagued first year at the E.P.A., have until now been hidden from public view as a result of an extraordinary effort by Mr. Pruitt and his aides to maintain strict secrecy about the bulk of his daily schedule.

But a new cache of emails covering most of Mr. Pruitt’s first year heading the E.P.A. shows that the agency’s close control of his public events is driven more by a desire to avoid tough questions from the public than by concerns about security, contradicting Mr. Pruitt’s longstanding defense of his secretiveness.

The more than 10,000 documents, made public as part of a Freedom of Information lawsuit by the Sierra Club, an environmental organization, offer a look not only into many of Mr. Pruitt’s appearances nationwide but into the agency’s aggressive concealment of his activities as a public servant. The files show an agency focused on dividing people into “friendly and “unfriendly” camps and which, on one occasion — a secret visit to a Toyota plant — became so focused on not disclosing information that his hosts expressed confusion about the publicity value of the visit.


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