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Murc’s Law As Self-Parody


Whoever is responsible for Donald Trump’s decisions, it’s certainly not Donald Trump:

How can Taibbi reach the conclusion that people with and without power alike are responsible for the decisions of Donald Trump and John Bolton, with the exception of Donald Trump and John Bolton? Well:

But, unlike his racism and xenophobia and lack of sympathy for the poor – issues where there are obvious currents visible in what passes for his mind – Trump is highly suggestible in matters military.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that liberals influence his foreign policy thinking at all, any more than the influence him on any other issue. Sure, he made isolationist gestures during the campaign. He also promised to protect Medicaid and tax hedge fund managers. It means nothing. For that matter, if liberals are actually in control of Trump’s foreign policy, why does Bolton have his job in the first place? This is all nuts, and yet is the theme of the anti-anti Trump left. Nor have liberals been clamoring for Trump to bomb Syria. And it probably won’t surprise you that in looking for tweets to cherry-pick to reach his pre-determined conclusion he did this.

Would Clinton have done this? Possibly! Were people who claimed that Trump would be better out of their minds? Yes!

This is all closely related to the one-dimensional-checkers-with-multiple-pieces-missing theory that actually Republican presidents will produce more liberal results because liberals who don’t have power will through the causal mechanism of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ stop Trump from doing stuff. While the theory is transparently idiotic, the beauty of it is that you can never be wrong — in the unlikely event that Trump does something not-bad it’s proof he was better than Hitlery, and all of the bad stuff he does is actually the result of the perfidy of the Democrat Party which is making him do it or failing to use any of the zero veto points they have control over to stop them. It’s a nice racket.

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