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#MeToo Unfairly Results In Person Losing His Job!


Above: Play for the love of the game!

If you blame the movement for the bad arguments being made against it, that is:

I’m sure Andrew Sullivan, Bari Weiss et. al will be writing columns about this, since I’m confident they believe due process rights they claim are owed to employees are owed to all employees, and not just powerful men accused of sexual harassment and/or assault. Surely their invocation of “due process” were not merely cynical and selective.

This also seems like a good time to remind you that Harper’s publisher Rick MacArthur, when not publishing terrible articles by hacks burning down the same strawmen they’ve been burning down for decades or urging the left to work to elect Republicans, is a union-buster who offers interns zero (0) American dollars to work in Manhattan. That he thinks it’s not really that bad when Republicans control the NLRB and the Supreme Court is truly one of life’s great mysteries.

Meanwhile, here’s some further instances of Campus PC being out of control:

Minneapolis police union president Lt. Bob Kroll told In These Times that he lobbied Minnesota lawmakers to advance a statewide law clamping down on protests—legislation that civil liberties advocates say targets Black Lives Matter.

The pending bill, HF 390/SF 676, would significantly increase fees and jail time for protesters who block highways, a common civil disobedience tactic, including at protests against police killings. According to the ACLU of Minnesota, the proposed legislation “chills dissent” and constitutes an “attempt to silence Black Lives Matter movement.”

“I knew they were trying to pass it last year, and I encouraged them to do it again,” Kroll told In These Times.

Kroll has faced numerous accusations of racism for, among other comments, likening protests against police killings to “the local version of Benghazi” in 2015 and calling Black Lives Matter a “terrorist organization” in 2016.

His acknowledgement of the lobbying by his union, Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, raises concerns that law enforcement is pressuring legislators to clamp down on protests—and specifically, on protests against police violence. “Cops are going to keep pursuing ways to keep themselves above the fray and unaccountable for the things they do,” says Tony Williams, a member of the MPD150, a police abolitionist project that recently released a “150-year performance review of the Minneapolis Police Department. “It’s a naked case of self-interest more than anything else.”

Minneapolis police aren’t alone: According to research conducted for In These Times in partnership with Ear to the Ground, law enforcement in at least eight states—Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Washington and Wyoming—lobbied on behalf of anti-protest bills in 2017 and 2018. The bills ran the gamut from punishing face coverings at protests to increasing penalties for “economic disruption” and highway blockage to criminalizing civil protests that interfere with “critical infrastructure” like oil pipelines.

They probably learned this in teach-ins at Reed College.

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