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They already don’t have much, why not take more from them?

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The GOP’s War on the Poor will end when there are no longer any poor people or GOPeratives. The only thing that will change is how brazen party officials are about their intent to accumulate large amounts of cash without doing any actual work.

Coming up with different ways to package their Fuck the Poors scheme isn’t work. More a hobby.

That’s why HUD Sec. Ben Carson, M.D. — last seen blaming his wife for ordering a $31,000 dining room set for his office — has proposed a law that would triple the rent for people who receive housing assistance. I’m sure this will delight his pals who rent to people who receive HUD assistance.

And of course there’ll be work requirements.

Carson’s plan, proposed in the form of congressional legislation, would raise from 30 percent to 35 percent the amount of their income that Americans on housing assistance pay toward their housing. It would also require that the money be made by at least 15 hours of work at the federal minimum wage level.

Why do I suspect the GOP will soon announce a plan to lower the federal minimum wage?

Part of this is plain old cruelty. Threatening people who live under the constant stress of being poor in America is a Republican’s idea of fun. However, there’s also the GOP’s projection/confession tic. Republican apparatchicks are obsessed with the idea of poor people, especially poor minorities, sitting around doing nothing because that’s what they do. If they were smart they’d be worried the poor are sitting around planning where to put the guillotines.

Today, we begin a necessary conversation about how we can provide meaningful, dignified assistance to those we serve without hurting them at the same time.

Republicans bear the blame for creating these policies, but the idea that poor people just aren’t trying hard enough; that they need to be goaded like recalcitrant mules, runs as deep as racism in this country.

The bullshit about dignified assistance is something that comfortable people across the political spectrum will gobble down and beg for more. People who normally know that Lips moving is the sign that a Republican is lying will accept without question the statement that the Meaningfulness Through Minimum Wage Jobs program is intended to help poor people.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be hoping that Carson is as incompetent at drafting legislation as he is at ordering furniture.

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