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Today Among Our Special Elite Media Snowflakes


Tim Carney has truly out – Friedersdorfed Friedersdorf:

Tired: “College students need to stop worrying about microaggressions and suck it up and recognize they need to be afflicted, and pundits for major publications are SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES who need SAFE SPACES away from the social media criticism anyone with a comparable platform has to deal with.”

Wired: “Critical tweets are the equivalent of violent physical assault. Also, campus activists need to stop their oversensitive PC whining.”

How can anybody possibly argue this without their brain fleeing in horror: “Critical tweets will stop lots of people from taking highly compensated barely-work sinecures.”

Really, the New York Times three should just go home; they’re never going to top this level of bad faith and lack of self-awareness. As Roy goes on to say, “by viciously assaulting Bret Stephens et alia with sarcasm and hyperbole, the left is allegedly scaring conservatives away from writing. Like if you’re not guaranteed big-money gigs without criticism you’ve been repressed.” That this argument, ridiculous on its face, is being offered in defense of people who have written the same dumb column about the trivial subject of how campus activists NEED TO GET OUT OF THEIR BUBBLES again and again and again is [chef’s kiss.]

Speaking of which, let’s check on Bari Weiss, America’s foremost advocate of free, open discourse:

Toward the end of the segment, Weiss said she worried that the left’s haste to take offense would hinder free speech for everyone.

“If you’re someone who wants to get into the public square and wants to say something provocative, you are not going to do that, you’re going to hesitate if there’s a mob awaiting you.”

Ah yes, the Stephens special: “our role as journalists is to afflict and provoke, and also to whine profusely when people react with eminent predictability to being provoked.” Look, if you think your job is to troll people, if you don’t like how people react when they’re trolled then find another line of work. Few things are less worthy of respect than people who can dish it out but can’t take it.

It gets better. You know, when I said earlier that Weiss couldn’t top Carney’s bad faith I was probably wrong:

Weiss did not mention that in February, a few days before she tweeted about the figure skater, she had asked another writer to publicly apologize for a tweet that contained the word “f—.”

After freelance writer Erin Biba cursed on Twitter, Weiss wrote to several magazines that had published Biba’s articles: “What kind of social media etiquette do @BBCScienceNews, @Newsweek, @sciam expect from their freelancers?”

Bari Weiss: “Unkind tweets in the @s of elite columnists have a chilling effect on the discourse.” Also Bari Weiss: “I will tattle on freelancers implying that their employers should sanction or fire them for cursing on Twitter.” (And note as well that the target of the curse wasn’t even another person but Harper‘s magazine, which I’m sure was very wounded.) Apparently Weiss’s history of trying to get professors fired for their political views wasn’t just youthful campus hi-jinx but remains her current practice! I’m guessing none of this will come up during the next fawning Bill Maher interview Weiss gives to demonstrate how she’s being silenced by the PC police.

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