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Let’s Check In On Tucker Carlson’s House of Smarm And White Nationalism


Another populist blow against neoliberalism:

On his top-rated Fox News show Tuesday night, conservative pundit Tucker Carlson opined on demographic change and immigration in America, saying that though “most immigrants are nice … this is more change than human beings are designed to digest,” and asking viewers, “How would you feel if that happened in your neighborhood?”

The segment was focused on a National Geographic article featured in the magazine’s April issue. Though the article, centered on the Pennsylvania town of Hazleton, was titled “As America Changes, Some Anxious Whites Feel Left Behind,” Carlson focused his remarks on the growth of Hazleton’s Hispanic population, which has increased exponentially since 2000 — a change that Carlson said “makes societies volatile.”

Surely this is just an isolated incident:

The two were discussing a recent segment on CNN about undocumented youth when they decided to really lean in to their white supremacy.

“Chris Cuomo [said] that the real problem is white supremacists in America,” Steyn told Carlson. “They are the real monsters. Not these nice hard working illegal immigrants. That may be well and true.”

“For the purposes of argument let’s say he is right,” Steyn continued. (Just “for the purposes of argument?” OK then.) “It’s irrelevant. The white supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here.”

Later in the broadcast, Steyn said this: “In Arizona, a majority of the grade school children now are Hispanic. That means Arizona’s future is as a Hispanic society. That means in effect, the border has moved north.”

Fox News liked that one so much it tweeted it. A nice reminder that it’s basically just a white supremacist propaganda network now.

“The Democratic Party is a sewer, Tucker.”

Remember when MSNBC spent years trying to make Tucker a thing, despite consistently abysmal ratings, after having fired its top-rated host because he opposed the Iraq War? That was as dumb as having a show called “Alan Keyes is Making Sense,” which surely I just hallucinated.

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