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Hating Nickelback Is Lazy


This isn’t going to be some fiery, contrarian take on how Nickelback is good, actually. I don’t have any Nickelback songs in my library. This isn’t because I’m too cool for Nickelback. I have Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in my library; I likes what I likes and I’m not terribly worried about how uncool I am and how everyone will probably glean this at some point.

I don’t dislike Nickelback because their music sucks. As far as I know they do what they do just fine. I happen to not care for their oeuvre, which just doesn’t interest me in the least. But the fact that what they do doesn’t interest me doesn’t mean they suck.  It just means it’s just not my thing.

I find Nickelback-bashing really boring, and–worse–lazy. It’s been done to death. And honestly there are so many worse bands out there. After awhile, Nickelback bashing just starts to strike me as both cruel to the band and their fans. It’s not funny anymore, folks.

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