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Self-paid family leave


https://youtu.be/2iYL4DDu5igProblem: The GOP hates the Social Security program and it needs more ways to punish women for having the audacity to be women.

One possible solution: Allow people to borrow against their benefits and make women who have children or care family members pay to take time off.

Rubio doesn’t want the federal government to pay for paid family leave, but rather require individuals to withdraw from their Social Security benefits whenever they need to take time off for a new baby or other family related-matters. This would have the adverse effect of requiring individuals to delay their retirement age.

As Politico puts it, this would mean that someone who would begin receiving their full Social Security benefits when they turn 67 years old but wants to take six weeks of paid leave wouldn’t draw Social Security benefits until six weeks after their 67th birthday.

Assuming of course that the retirement age is still 67, Social Security still exists in any meaningful way and the beneficiary has been able to hold down a job for that long.

I imagine that to the Republican brain, or whatever they keep up there, the possibility of blaming those slutty baby factories for wrecking Social Security would be a bonus.

Rubio’s plan fails to address what would happen to a large portion of Social Security beneficiaries who are not of retirement-age, yet rely on Social Security to live.

Of the 45 million Americans who collect payments from the Social Security program, over one-third (almost 17 million) are not retired workers, they’re the 5 million spouses and children of disabled workers, the 7 million spouses and children of deceased workers, and the 5 million disabled workers.

It is unclear whether the Rubio-Ivanka plan would cut disability and survivor benefits for people who take parental leave as well.

“This proposal treats Social Security like a private account that can be borrowed against rather than what it actually is, a social insurance program to protect against risks that can befall all workers – aging, disability, or death,” said Benesch.

I’m sure the people who want to put lifetime limits on needing access to health care while poor will come up with a solution that doesn’t screw over anyone with at least a million dollars in an off-shore bank account.

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