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Republicans in the White House shocked to find one of their number is as dishonorable as they are

A White House staffer responding to the news that the White House is full of trashbeings.

There’s a lot to loathe about the endless stream of MAGAphile articles. How many times does anyone need to read that a reporter traveled past thousands of well-to-do urban and suburban tRump supporters to interview supporters in Goats, Idaho, all in the service of maintaining the lie that a bunch of poor, uneducated, Confederate flag humping hicks bear sole responsibility for this disaster?

The answer is zero times.

However, such articles aren’t as annoying as the shocked, SHOCKED, well-to-do, powerful Republicans articles. Vanity Fair has a prime example of the genre.

Kelly’s decision to go to bat for Porter deeply frustrated White House staffers, sources told me. He was supposed to be the West Wing’s resident grown-up, but staffers are increasingly questioning Kelly’s judgment, four Republicans close to the White House told me.

It’s almost as though the fact that the White House needs a quote grown-up end quote to keep an otherwise healthy septuagenarian from banging on the Nuke Launching button with his dick is just one of the many signs that the entire administration is a massive clusterfuck. One might also be tempted to conclude that anyone who work for it, much less rely on one alleged adult to make everything better, has a lot more in common with the Republicans in Goats, Idaho than a lot of Americans would like to admit.

“It’s beyond disbelief. Everyone is trying to figure out why Kelly is leading the charge to save him,” one former West Wing official said.

There are many mysteries that continue to baffle mankind. The question of why a Kelly, who willingly works for a man accused of assaulting a number of girls and women and who has proudly announced that he grabs women by the genitals, would defend a man accused of assaulting a couple of women is not one of them.

Another Republican said: “How many times has Kelly put out a statement defending Trump?”

Dismay that Kelly hasn’t also defended the crotch-grabber-in-chief is consistent with the overall sliminess of the administration,  and also reeks of the sort of backstabbing that is probably a common feature of life at 1600 Penn. Ave. N.W. But no worries, if asked to defend the DOPUS he will do so. Because like everyone else in this administration, he’s pure garbage.

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