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NRSC chair misspelled White


Hark! Hark! the dogs do bark!
They’re bothered by that whistle.
Cor should take his plea for help and launch it with a missile.

According to the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the right thing for a newly elected Democratic Senator to do is ignore the clear preference of the people who are sending him to D.C.

This isn’t surprising. We are talking about a group that avoids the truth like a rabid skunk avoids water, embraced tRump, and was ready to welcome another predator into the fold. I’m sure the fact that Jones received 96% of the African-American vote is a key reason that Gardner believes it would be right for Jones to thank them with a hearty stab in the back. In the eyes of the GOP, the votes of African-Americans shouldn’t count. I’m sure Republican officials across the country will spend weeks trying to figure out what went wrong in Alabama.

However, I think Gardner would have made his statement no matter who voted for Jones. In the eyes of the GOP, Democrats shouldn’t win — in part because the Wrong People vote for them — so when they do win, they should pretend to be Republicans.

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