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Killing Americans Like It’s 1899!


Our glorious leader decided to have a fun political stunt where he brags about eliminating the last 60 years of regulations.

President Trump said on Thursday that his administration was answering “a call to action” by rolling back regulations on environmental protections, health care, financial services and other industries as he made a push to showcase his accomplishments near the end of his first year in office.

The remarks highlighted an area where Mr. Trump has perhaps done more to change the policies of his predecessor than any other, with regulatory shifts that have affected wide sections of the economy.

“We are just getting started,” Mr. Trump said, speaking from the Roosevelt Room of the White House. He described progress so far as the “most far-reaching regulatory reform” in United States history, a claim he did not back up.

“We have decades of excess regulation to remove,” he added. “To help launch the next phase of growth, prosperity and freedom, I am challenging my cabinet to find and remove every single outdated, unlawful and excessive regulation currently on the books.”

Echoing his days as a real estate developer with the flair of a groundbreaking, Mr. Trump used an oversize pair of scissors to cut a ribbon his staff had set up in front of two piles of paper, representing government regulations in 1960 (20,000 pages, he said), and today — a pile that was about six feet tall (said to be 185,000 pages).

Really, who needs OSHA, the Mine Safety and Health Administration, the EPA, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, etc., etc. Those things are for cucks. Of course, Donald Trump is a cuck too. Real men want to turn all the regulations back to 1899. That will no doubt be on the 2020 Republican platform.

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