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“I’m a giver … It’s just service is a thing for me.” (TW – Republicans and girls, again)


That’s Jeff Miller, former member of the Indianapolis City-County Council in response to a question about allegations that he had inappropriately touched two ten year old girls. He also compared himself to Jesus. Of course.

When police asked Miller if the children enjoyed the massages, Miller responded: “It’s fun to know somebody enjoys something. … I’m a giver. I’m a, m-my thing is, uh, there’s a reason I say I’m not a politician. I’m a public servant. I’ve always been…my, my memory verse, literally, is, ‘He came not to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom to many.’ It’s just service is a thing for me. But…yeah. So, so yeah. The answer to your question of did you enjoy it? Absolutely.”

The original question was did he think the girls enjoyed it, but like all good creeps Miller brought the conversation back to himself and to what he enjoyed. I bet Roy Moore wishes he had thought of quoting Mark 10:45. Or telling his wife to do it.

When asked if there was any way he was doing it for sexual enjoyment, Miller said: “Lord, I hope not.”

Lord, I hope you get a permanent cramp in your scrotum.

In addition to being vague about his motives, he’s vague about what happened. But Miller thinks the fourth grader he was fondling would have said something he went too far.

When police asked Miller if he massaged the children on the top of their clothes or underneath, he said: “I….thought on top. Now you’re making me try to remember. I’d…I…think she would say something if I was not on the top of the clothes…maybe on back. I guess possible.”

The What a naughty scatter brain I am! act makes everything infinitely nastier. I can only assume that his day is filled with ‘massage sessions’ with little girls and he can’t remember where he touched who when.

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