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Donna Brazile on the Conservative Circuit


Donna Brazile either a) is unaware of how badly she’s lost control of her narrative, or b) doesn’t care. Either way, today was some bad optics.

Scene 1 finds Brazile being friendly with (or at least not leaping away in disgust from) real-life Clayton Bigsby, David Clarke, who should, if there was justice in the world, be forced to spend time in one of his own jails.

Scene 2 finds her being interviewed by Tucker Carlson, which is just never going to be a winning gambit. To be fair, she tried to nuance things in that appearance. But trying to get Tucker Carlson to think about anything with any sense of nuance or complexity could be the new Webster’s definition of futility. It just doesn’t make sense to even make the appearance.

My feelings on Brazile and her “bombshells” about 2016 are pretty ambivalent. (The scare quotes around “bombshells” in the preceding sentence are there for a reason.) But it is incomprehensible to me how a veteran political strategist could be so bad at handling narrative. Ever since the first excerpts from her book came out, the LOCK HER UP crowd has been foaming at the mouth all over again. Today does nothing to help that.

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