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Fantastic Planet


I subscribed to Filmstruck awhile ago and have seen some pretty interesting films on it. But perhaps none as fascinating as Fantastic Planet, from 1973. A Czech animated film, except that the director (Renè Laloux) and language was French, this film, made in Prague and begun just before the Soviet invasion in 1968, follows the tale of humans, who are tiny pets of these giant blue creatures. They treat them a bit like we might treat a pet mouse, perhaps cute to some as small pets (not to me particularly), but also wild beasts that most want exterminated when they get loose. The humans eventually have their revenge. It’s an obvious allegory against Soviet domination of Czechoslovakia and also a both sad and ferocious film. The production was halted for a few years after the Prague Spring and finally the authorities allowed its release. The animation is cool, the soundtrack could have been background music in Superfly if it were made by Europeans and basically the whole thing is pretty wild. Well worth your time.

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