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Beauty and the Beast


There’s a lot I’ll forgive in a film it’s as visually stimulating as 2017’s live action “Beauty and the Beast,” but I don’t think I can forgive the fact that this version of a story about  a beast ended up being so toothless.

Perhaps I was expecting too much. After all, the film was based on the Disney-fied version of the famous tale, not the tale itself. And while I enjoyed the animated version when it came out, I find myself wishing for a darker, grittier interpretation of “Beauty” now. And fact that it was so stunning to look at only made that longing more frustrating for me. If there were any way to combine the breathtaking cinematography,  sets (mostly CGI?…I don’t care) and costumes with a more adult interpretation of the source material I’d be in hog heaven. I know that there are many film versions, but I’m longing for something with modern sensibilities. Make this movie now and make it right.

Perhaps this is why “Game of Thrones” resonates with me. It scratches my itch (sort of) for a dark, gritty visually-stunning fairy tale.) But Game of Thrones–lovely as it is to look at–doesn’t compare to the visual sumptuousness of “Beauty and the Beast.” I just wish this version had been a little bit less beautiful and little bit more beastly.

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