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White House job security means keeping Orangegoliant’s ego well-fed

President Gas meets with some lackeys

As Campos noted, the #StupidestPresidentEver gets two daily briefings about how super fab and groovy he is.

It comes as no surprise that being President of the United States and receiving constant adulation from outlets like Faux, little boys called Pickle and the MAGAts who attend his rallies, isn’t enough to keep the man’s ego at the required 30,000 psi. He needs his in-house surfeit of lickspittles to kiss his ass in private and sing his praises to the press. That way he can watch it and read about it in his dossier later.

In turn, his lickspittles need outlets that will give them a platform where they can sing his praises. The main purpose of these performances is not to persuade the general viewer that tRump is just a beautiful high quality president, the best. Maybe better than Abraham Lincoln, a great Republican, bet you didn’t know that.

The primary purpose is to convince Dump not to fire the lackey because they give good soundbite. And if a little trolling can be fitted in there, so much the better. Here’s Stephen Miller ensuring that he’ll be employed for the rest of the month.

Despite President Donald Trump’s off-track interviews, meandering speeches, low approval rating, and stalled legislative agenda, he is the most gifted politician of our time, said senior White House policy adviser Stephen Miller late Tuesday.

“President Trump is the most gifted politician of our time. He’s the best orator to hold that office in generations,” Miller said in an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who was filling in on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Trump “is the leader of this nationwide and worldwide populist movement, and it’s about uplifting working class people. Black, Hispanic, white, all backgrounds,” Miller said. Trump’s agenda, he argued, is taking more African-American and Hispanic workers into the middle class.

Top that, Conway!

Miller could have gotten extra points for a direct comparison to Lincoln, but perhaps he can’t bring himself to utter the name of the President who freed the slaves unjustly seized the property of Southern plantation owners. Or maybe he’s saving that for later, because each performance has to be better than the last. And to counter the anger created by another visit from Spiny Norman the Tax Chicken.

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