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On the Road Again


Blogging will be light from me for the next couple weeks. I am spending the next few months mostly in Oregon doing research and being in the best state, and will be starting a 2 week drive to get there today. There will be a few nights where I am staying in a motel instead of camping, so I may squeeze in some writing here and there. But I will be completely nonexistent in comments. Don’t let this absence let you think about eating ketchup or calling a vodka cocktail a “martini.” National parks to be seen include Badlands, Yellowstone, and Glacier (never been to Glacier, figure I should go before the name is meaningless). Graves to be seen are very few, since almost no one famous is buried in most of these big western states with tiny populations. Glad they each have as many senators as New York and California! But at least our friends at certain leftist publications have informed me that the good people of Idaho and Nebraska really want to vote for socialist candidates, so I look forward to loudly proclaiming my belief in socialism in various white working class bars on the way. I’m sure nothing bad will happen.

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