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What is the shelf life of “Democrats are the real racists because Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK before most Americans living today were born”? Because it’s amazing that right-wingers pointing out that Hillary Clinton knew Robert Byrd is supposed to be a legitimate comeback to the fact that Donald Trump is an actual white supremacist. Byrd himself has been dead for 7 years. Hillary Clinton is never running for office again, not that this is going to stop fascists or Doug Henwood from bringing her up at every opportunity.

I am have also been watching with some befuddlement at how Hannity and Carlson have been polluting their shows with endless coverage of whatever they hate about Obama and the Clintons while Trump scandal after Trump scandal goes either uncovered or is apologized for. Never mind the moral bankruptcy. How long will this be a successful media strategy? I understand that Fox viewers are angry 75 year old white people, but with every day, all of this gets farther in the past. Yet Jeremiah Wright is still relevant to these people, not to mention Saul Alinsky. Will it be 2045 and right-wing media will be relentlessly discussing how Hugo Black was once a KKK member and therefore Democrats have no moral ground to stand on to resist their proposal of repealing the 13th Amendment?

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