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“I Am Not A Crank”: The Continuing Ballad of Dr. Jill Stein, MD


Shorter verbatim Jill Stein:

Yes, the ideas that Russia ratfucked the election (for which the evidence is overwhelming) and that the Trump campaign colluded with them (which they have conceded, and indeed are now boasting about) are a nutty conspiracy theory meant to cover up the obvious truth that Donna Brazile letting Hillary Clinton know that a debate held in Flint would contain a question about poisoned water was worth at least 4.1 million votes in the Democratic primaries. But while Brazile’s email clearly swung the outcome of the primaries, it is logically impossible for a spoiler candidate to ever affect an electoral outcome, but even if they did the way to stop fascism is to elect fascists. All perfectly logical!

Obviously, there’s no possible defense for consumerist wank voting at this historical moment. But if you insist on it — if you just don’t care about the countless victims of Republican governance — find a better object for your ballot booth onanism than this.

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