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ACA Repeal Vote Open Thread: Let’s Watch Republican “Moderates” Get Rolled Again


“I mean, I’ll vote for it even though it might become law, but it’s a disaster.”

Speaking of autofellatio, McCain and Graham have a press conference in advance of nearly-inevitable yea votes that was absurdly vacuous posturing even by the standard of reputations based entirely on vacuous posturing:

Four Republican senators — Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Ron Johnson, and Bill Cassidy — announced at a press conference that they would only support the Republican “skinny repeal” if they can be promised the House will not pass it into law. They described the law they are about to vote on as a disaster, and proceeded to explain why they could vote for it anyway.

Their arguments are a bundle of illogic. If there is a bill Senate Republicans would pass, they don’t need a conference to write it for them. They can pass it themselves. Why do they think a collection of House and Senate Republicans could do a better job of figuring out what Senate Republicans want to pass than the Senate Republicans could do themselves? Why not imagine their fantasy version of the greatest piece of legislation they could imagine emerging from the conference with the House, and then passing that in the Senate?

McCain made a slightly different, and even more absurd, argument. The elder statesman repeatedly called for Republicans and Democrats to work together, insisting Obamacare had failed because it had the support of only one party, and insisting bipartisanship offered the only path forward. And then he offered his probably decisive support for a bill that would prevent exactly that thing from happening. The conference committee McCain is explicitly hoping to convene would consist entirely of Republicans. It is a vehicle for a Republican-only health-care bill written through restrictive budget-reconciliation rules.

Look, these four people — and we should give a special shout-out to Bill Cassidy, a truly epic liar even by the standards of a conference constituted almost entirely by epic liars — could stop this process anytime they want. They can do it later tonight! Vote no and say you’ll keep voting no until McConnell holds a real legislative process. Either vote nay, or shut the fuck up about how you’re better than the leadership you keep criticizing. You’re not! McConnell can’t do anything without you. You either support the process or you don’t. You don’t think bills should pass this way, vote nay. You don’t want the House to pass “skinny repeal,” vote nay.  And Good God when Ryan just passes skinny repeal this weekend, or McConnell pressures tells you do vote for something even worse, don’t give a speech about how you didn’t want this to happen.  They’re not hiding it! These people are the worst.

…you can read what McConnell’s god just threw up here. Graham and McCain will call a press conference loudly declaring they’d prefer a rib-eye before eating it.

…we should be clear that this bill is really terrible. Ending the employer mandate would take insurance away from a lot of people, and then in many states they would no longer be able to buy insurance on the individual market. It defunds Planned Parenthood. It savagely cuts public health funding. It will raise premiums. It guts pre-existing conditions coverage. And if it passes — which is how to bet — the House passing it is probably the best case scenario.

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