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Today In Our Very Healthy Journalistic Culture


Big news! CNN will now be giving a daily evening hour to Chris Cillizza and his exciting new show, Cavalcade of EMAILS:

Chris Cillizza, who bundled up his hot-takes and left The Washington Post for CNN this year, is getting his own “brand.”

According to a press release published by CNN Politics, the news organization is launching ‘The Point with Chris Cillizza,” described as a “multiplatform brand capturing analysis of the day’s news.”

What platforms do we get more Cillizza on, you ask with fevered anticipation: “daily columns, on-air analysis, an evening newsletter, podcast, and the launch of trivia night events in Washington, DC.,” per the statement.

Well, trivia nights are certainly an appropriate cross-promotion of the Cillizza brand! Winner gets two happy face emojis. Second prize is no health insurance, and therefore three happy face emojis.

That this is the latest battle in Zucker’s war on journalism goes without saying. I’m also pretty skeptical that anyone will want to watch this thing. (The market predictions of TV executives have been pretty shaky lately.)

Meanwhile, enjoy this New York Times story, “does taking a trillion dollars from Medicaid with the goal of greatly reducing the number of people on Medicaid constitute a ‘cut’? Views differ.”

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