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Jarrod Dyson bunted for a base hit in the bottom of the 6th inning in last night’s game, igniting a 3-run rally and ultimately a come-from-behind Mariner victory. This is a good thing! Since Justin Verlander had not allowed a baserunner before Dyson’s single, however, we will inevitably get the hawt takes:

Emma Baccellieri’s response is perfect:

Seattle wins, 7-5. Blessed be those who laugh in the face of silly rules in order to do their jobs; cursed be the Detroit bullpen.

As is that of the Mariners’ Twitter feed:

Most of these “unwritten rules” it’s allegedly “bush league” not to observe are bullshit. But the “don’t bunt to break up a perfect game” rule is beyond stupid. Dyson’s job is to compete and help his team win the game, not to preserve the opposition’s arbitrary statistical accomplishments. The end.

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