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GOP proposes, tRump imposes


Here’s another reason Democrats in Congress shouldn’t compromise with Republicans: There’s no point.

Passing funding to avoid a government shutdown appeared to be an easy task just weeks ago, but new stumbling blocks have arisen in recent days as Trump has added new demands on items like the border wall and increased military spending.


Government funding ends Friday, allowing only three full days of legislative activity after the House returns late Tuesday night, and the last-minute controversial requests from the administration are threatening to make a deal harder to reach.

At the same time, Trump is pushing Congress to move quickly on another attempt to pass a repeal bill of the Affordable Care Act, even though House Republicans aren’t unified on a path forward.

To add more to Congress’ plate, Trump told The Associated Press last week that he intends to unveil his plan to overhaul the tax code, another priority for Republicans but a gesture that caught Republican congressional leaders by surprise.

Another day in the orange psychosadist’s paradise. Stop what you’re doing and leap through these hoops! Shine my shoes and suck my bébé carrot et deux petit pois! You’re doing it wrong, start over!

Napoleorange does not represent the inner soul of the people – one need only look at the popular vote. However, he certainly represents the inner soul of the GOP: Disorganized as hell, mean as a shedding snake and possessed of a self-confidence that vastly at odds with reality. As this Forbes’ article accurately notes, for the #StupidestPresidentEver, there is no real plan beyond doing something that at any given moment smells like victory.

A government shutdown won’t happen this week because of a specific spending cut, tax hike or policy rider. The real, and perhaps only, issue will be Donald Trump’s need to record a “win.”

Meanwhile, he’ll be preparing for his 100 day rally in Pennsylvania, even though he’s declared the 100 day standard ridiculous.

It’s not possible to work with people like that because work is the last thing on their mind.

Another reason Democrats should sit back and let Republicans step on rakes: When it turns out that smell was not victory but another pile of freshly trodden dog shit, they’ll blame someone else.

tRump blames the nebulous Someone. I assume Someone is whoever agreed with his idea. Republicans have a more concrete scapegoat, they’re called Democrats.

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