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The Ongoing Adventures of Jason Chaffetz, Principled Critic of Executive Branch Overreach



It’s just great that the media basically let this cartoonish hack drive their 2016 campaign coverage:

On a recent afternoon in his Capitol Hill office, I read through a litany of headlines detailing potential entanglements between President Trump’s business and his administration with the congressman. As he listened, Chaffetz leaned back in his chair—jacket off, an ankle resting casually on one knee. One of the stories I flagged reported that online sales had skyrocketed for the first daughter’s clothing line after Kellyanne Conway went on TV and urged Americans to “buy Ivanka’s stuff.” I asked Chaffetz if he was concerned about Trump reaping financial rewards from his presidency, but he just shrugged.

“He’s already rich,” Chaffetz said. “He’s very rich. I don’t think that he ran for this office to line his pockets even more. I just don’t see it like that.”

What about the recent New York Times story about Jared Kushner’s family exploring a $400 million deal with a Chinese company while he serves as a foreign policy adviser to the president—was that worthy of investigation?

“I don’t see how that affects the average American and their taxpayer dollars,” Chaffetz said. “Just the fact that a staff person’s family is making money? It’s not enough.”

Yes, if history has taught us anything, it’s that a rich person cannot be corrupt. And surely Donald Trump is a particularly good illustration of this. Look — Hillary Clinton has a PERSONAL EMAIL SERVER!!!!!!!!!

I would like to apologize to the Weasel-American and Shitbag-American communities for the time I called Chaffetz a weaselly shitbag.

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