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LGM: How the Left Has Become a Cult!



According to this clownish performative centrist, various LGM writers are indicative of why the left has become a cult that can’t unite the nation. Why? Because we say mean things about Trump voters. His conclusion:

This is the modern Left. Intolerant and absolutist. It’s their way or the highway. Disagreement with them means your views are illegitimate (e.g., racist, sexist) and you might be insane (e.g., xenophobic). It makes them look more like a cult than a successful political movement. They are a gift to the 1% and their servants in Washington.

Totally dude. Allow me to speak for my co-bloggers that we all just so glad to wield this kind of power. It goes well with our giant checks from the Clinton Foundation.

I await everyone’s comments on this one.

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