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Conservatism is the new plainsong


I feel that I’ve been reading posts that mock conservatives who insist that being in favor of patriarchal values for everyone (whether everyone wants patriarchal values or not) makes conservatives the real rebels, for as long as I’ve been reading blogs.

I’ve also regularly learned that conservatives are on the verge of getting their own TV shows and movie production companies and web browsers and running away to very redundantly join the circus.

Writers like Edroso at Alicublog are very good at skewering the wanna-be hep cats. I think the regular announcements that Conservatism is Hot, Hip (not never hip-hop) and Happening stems from a few things.

There’s the lack of anything that smacks of originality that is the hallmark of the conservative movement. It turns out a desire to reinforce and maintain a form of society that is thousands of years old doesn’t allow for much flexibility of thought.

There’s the need to keep the fresh blood flowing (and not just so Peter Thiel does not have to drink … wine). Come hang out with people who think music your parents listened to as kids is still cool the cool kids is a much better appeal to the younger marks generation than Come hang out with a bunch of duds who sound like that one hairy-nosed uncle who stands two inches away from you and shouts his political opinions and killer halitosis right in your face.

Finally, Cons may be visited by the nagging realization that in all the books and TV shows and movies they like, the characters who go around forcing other people to Obey The Rules are the bad guys. However, if the RW was able to leave people alone it would not be the RW. So they lie. In the same way that they declare they’re Christians while doing something that Christ fellow said not to do, they declare they’re non-conformists while furiously stamping on anyone who doesn’t conform with their view of normal.

Does it work? Maybe. Will competing appeals from supremacist orgs prove more alluring? That depends on how quickly the Republicans turn the economy and welfare programs into a smoking crater. If history is any guide, whites turn to supremacy when they’re desperate.

Below – real punk rockers doing the best things so conservatively.

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