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Those Thighs Won’t Rub Themselves!


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It’s Out There, say Clinton Rules disciples David Goodman and Amy Chozick:

From political circles in New York City to cocktail parties on Capitol Hill, on right-of-center Facebook pages and among left-of-center donors, two of the biggest untethered threads in New York politics are being drawn together around a single question.

Would Hillary Clinton run for mayor?

Whenever possibly apocryphal cocktail parties with unspecified participants are being discussed, you know the sourcing is rigorous!

The prospect has an obvious, novelistic allure: A run for mayor of New York this year would pit Mrs. Clinton against Mayor Bill de Blasio, a fellow Democrat who managed her Senate campaign in 2000, and, should she win, would put her in charge of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s hometown, ensuring years of potential clashes between bitter rivals.

If Hillary Clinton gets elected mayor, we can be guaranteed years of lazy, Both Sides Do It but Clinton Is Worse reporting! With a novelistic, or at least “treatment for a House of Cards knockoff rejected by Starz,” allure!

The question has gained momentum in the weeks since Mrs. Clinton lost to Mr. Trump, a Republican. It began quietly at first, then grew louder among the conservative media outlets and pundits who hold her and Mr. de Blasio in disdain.

[Thinking emoji]

While the answer would almost certainly be no

Now you tell us! But I guess if it was in the first graf it people would more quickly figure out that there’s no story here. Anyway, let’s return to the baseless speculation:

The suggestion that Mrs. Clinton might run for mayor has been bubbling up for weeks. It appeared on a right-wing website in the days after the election and was then floated by a Fox Business Network commentator. It was also being discussed in Washington as Congress convened this week.

“I heard it three times in the two days I was on the Hill,” said Bradley Tusk, a former top aide to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg who has been actively courting potential challengers to Mr. de Blasio.

OK. So, in conclusion, “conservatives who hate Hillary Clinton, and some people who hate Bill de Blasio, and some reporters who really love the idea of having Hillary Clinton to kick around for several more years, are fervently imagining Hillary Clinton running for mayor of New York, something that will not happen.” I wouldn’t call this “news,” but it is revealing. And, hey, the wire will always be there to cover stories like “Trump rewards attorney general he bribed to get her to stop looking into his massive fraud with a job,” freeing your political reporters to write hate-fanfic.

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