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The bill for that wall just got 10 billion times higher


Does the Human Traffic Control Drum own a construction company? How about one of his children?

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team has signaled to congressional Republican leaders that the President-elect’s preference is to fund the border wall through the appropriations process as soon as April, according to House Republican officials.

The move would break a key campaign promise when Trump repeatedly said he would force Mexico to pay for the construction of the wall along the border.

True, and if the Orangeophiliacs gave it any thought, I’m sure they loved the idea of him stamping into Mexico like Cortes and raiding the treasury. But Trump saying he would force some Thems to do something was thrill enough. So it is a broken campaign promise, but no Republican is experiencing voter’s remorse because of it. Trump will say he did it to bring jobs to America and they’ll nod along and shout MAGA! and be content.

The Trump team argues it will have the authority through a Bush-era 2006 law to build the wall, lawmakers say, but it lacks the money to do so.

So fill up this sack of cash, quick.

The best part of the article is Luke Hot Messer trying to explain why it’s really okay really that Trump hasn’t even had one White House bathroom plated with gold and he’s already demanding a few billion dollars.

“It was not done in the Obama administration, so by funding the authorization that’s already happened a decade ago, we could start the process of meeting Mr. Trump’s campaign pledge to secure the border,” Indiana Republican Rep. Luke Messer said on Thursday.

Obama failed to spend billions of dollars on a wall that was authorized while Bush was in office so now it is up to the GOP to find a way to pay for the thing that Trump said someone else would pay for. It’s not much of an explanation, but since he blamed Obama the target audience won’t care what else he said.

Messer admitted it’s “big dollars, but it’s a question of priorities.”

Certainly. When given the choice between spending money on things that will make America a nicer place for as many people as possible and dimwitted boondoggles, the Republican’s priority will be the boondoggle. Besides with all of the money they’re going to save by eliminating Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood, gutting Medicare and reorganizing intelligence agencies, there will be enough money to grease the right palms (including the tiny ones) and buy a few warped 2 x 4s from Home Depot.

“Democrats may well find themselves in the position to shut down all of government to stop the buildout of a wall, or of a barrier, or of a fence,” Messer said.

Or a few saw horses. Or a string stretched between two chairs. Or some No Trespassing signs.

A few days ago someone noted that Trump is probing Republicans in Congress to see what he can get away with. I give it a couple of months before he says of the GOP “When you are a star, they let you do anything!”

Update – This morning I see that he has announced via his official press secretary that the U.S. will bill Mexico for the wall after it’s finished.

Trump billing someone for construction work. That’s almost funny.

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