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Republican comedy

Columbus, Ga's entertainment district
Columbus, Ga.’s entertainment district. Please bring cash.

It’s obvious that allowing white supremacists to work the levers of power is bad for everyone except those who are in power. But the disconnect between what supremacy says is true and reality does create the sort of comedy that should be accompanied by Yakety Sax.

For example.

A Georgia lawmaker is recovering from a gunshot wound after he says he was shot behind an adult entertainment store while traveling with several thousand dollars in donations for storm relief efforts.

The lede alone could not be more Republican if it tried.  Now all the story needs is an explanation from the victim that is exactly what one would expect from a Republican who has been shot behind a pornomat and between a couple of boob-o-ramas.

Like so.

State Rep. Gerald Greene, 69, had stopped for gas in Columbus when he was shot in the leg Thursday, a spokesman for Georgia House Speaker David Ralston told statehouse reporters.

But Greene told WRBL-TV of Columbus he was in a parking lot behind Foxes Cinema, an adult entertainment store. Greene told the station he planned to visit a nearby liquor store where he buys lottery tickets when he was shot. A news crew from the station found fresh blood on the concrete behind the adult store, the station reported.

Yes. He was going to the liquor store where he buys lottery tickets while traveling with thousands of dollars that weren’t his.

As one does.

He was not going to the adult entertainment store. Or the strip club next door to the place where he was shot! Or the other strip club. And the money is all there too. No need for authorities to do anything except look for the obligatory black man in a hoodie who done the foul deed because of course there’s always a black man in a hoodie when these unfortunate events occur.

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