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How does one say “Editorial Independence” in German?


Here’s another example of The Breichbart Report’s editorial independence.

(What less enlightened types might call spreading lies about minorities in order to portray them as threat to white Christians, thereby making members of a disadvantaged group the target of  the real thugs, who will use the lies as an excuse to pre-emptively defend themselves.)

German media and politicians have warned against an election-year spike in fake news after the rightwing website Breitbart claimed a mob chanting “Allahu Akbar” had set fire to a church in the city of Dortmund on New Year’s Eve.

After the report by the US site was widely shared on social media, the city’s police clarified that no “extraordinary or spectacular” incidents had marred the festivities.

The local newspaper, Ruhr Nachrichten, said elements of its online reporting on New Year’s Eve had been distorted by Breitbart to produce “fake news, hate and propaganda”.


The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily said Breitbart had used exaggerations and factual errors to create “an image of chaotic civil war-like conditions in Germany, caused by Islamist aggressors”.

It said the article “may be a foretaste” of what is to come before parliamentary elections expected in September as some websites spread “misinformation and distortion in order to diminish trust in established institutions”.

In the meantime, these articles serve as ammo for bigots in other countries, i.e. the US. Like the so-called no go zones in England, which are as difficult to locate on a map as Avalon, but right wingers insist they exist. So if you hear anyone gabbling about roaming gangs of Muslins setting fire to churches across Europe, Breichbart is the source. Do the world a favor and tell them to stop making themselves stupid by reading Breitbart.

And that Obama is going to start a Stop Americans from Drinking Drain-o foundation.

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