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A Consummate Beltway Outsider




When I think of “lifelong outsiders,” what instantly comes to mind is “someone who has been serving in the United States Senate for 20 years.” And the puff continues:

Mr. Sessions is in many ways Mr. Trump’s antithesis: reedy-voiced, diminutive and mild-mannered, a devout Methodist and an Eagle Scout who will soon celebrate a golden wedding anniversary with his college sweetheart. His father ran a country store in the Deep South. And he is widely regarded as rigidly honest and inflexible on issues he considers matters of principle. Mr. Trump has meandered across the political spectrum; Mr. Sessions has been a deeply conservative Republican his entire life.

Outsider, family man, Eagle Scout. Oh, and considered too racist to serve as a District Court judge by a Republican Senate, but no need to foreground that.

If only he had done something really bad, like seek a common workaround to email management regulations, he might get some tough coverage.

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