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Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer has sicced his readers on Jewish people in a Montana town, ostensibly in defense of a helpless white woman. (Even the youngest neo-Nazi shitworm is a traditionalist at heart.)

A white supremacist website called The Daily Stormer has posted a call to “TAKE ACTION” against Jewish people in Whitefish, providing personal contact information and urging a “troll storm” against them.

The story claims the “vicious, evil race” has harmed the Whitefish business of Richard Spencer’s mother. It quotes a story from the British newspaper Daily Mail that said Sherry Spencer “said she is being forced to sell a building she owns in the small town because residents are rebelling against her son.”

The site posted phone numbers, email addresses, and Twitter handles for the Whitefish residents it alleges are harassing Sherry Spencer, along with a disclaimer that it opposes violence.

An utterly convincing disclaimer from a group that follows a genocidal ideology and is publishing the contact information – some of which could make it very easy to find their work or home addresses – of “vicious evil” people.

The Stormer posted pictures of several Whitefish residents, including a child, with a yellow Star of David with the word “Jude” – German for Jew – added to each photo. During World War II, Jews in Germany and Nazi-occupied territories were forced to wear such stars on their clothing.

For completely non-violent reasons of course.

From what little I know of Anglin he’ll praise a fellow traveler one day and trash him the next, so I don’t the state of relations between Spencer and Anglin. However, I can’t find any indication that the Dapper White Nationalist has spoken out against the Troll Storm. And if he decides to run for Congress, I suspect he’ll find a use for some plausibly deniable goons.

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