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“We’ll Be Fine. Well, I’ll Be Fine. Close Enough.”


Pulitzer-Prize(TM)-winning columnist Kathleen Parker doesn’t see any reason to be unduly concerned about electing a white nationalist authoritarian who would sign any piece of legislation congressional leaders who see Atlas Shrugged as a policy blueprint put on his desk:

If Trump wins, he’ll be held more or less in check by the House and Senate because that’s the way our system of government is set up. Not even Republicans are eager to follow Trump’s lead.

Not only to do I not trust the congressional leadership that supports trump and enabled Dick Cheney’s darkest impulses impulses for 8 years to constrain Bush, I’m also very concerned that Donald Trump won’t do anything to constrain Paul Ryan.

Justice David Souter, now retired, and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. both demonstrated the box-of-chocolates rule: You never know (exactly) what you’ll get.

Oh, Christ, this again. Souter, in contemporary politics, is a black swan event. And the two votes in ACA-related cases notwithstanding, Chief Justice Roberts is a completely predictable conservative vote. Supreme Court justices in contemporary are like a meal at a chain restaurant — you know what you’re going to get. But if you’re an affluent white woman who has a nice Washington Post sinecure, no worries!

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