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The servants don’t come with the property?


The fact that I have to steel myself to go outside and will get to watch Republicans do their worst to the U.S. (assuming I’m not locked up for insufficient MAGA-ness) thanks to the sort of privileged bunglers who only got into college because their parents clipped a big check to their application does not really make me feel any better.

Trump’s children and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who guided him throughout the campaign, appear to have retained their influence in an official capacity. Kushner’s presence at the White House on Thursday drew notice from Obama’s staff when he asked, as they toured the West Wing, how many of the individuals there would remain into the next administration. Nearly all will depart along with the president.

All right, sometimes it’s a little funny.

One thing that does interest me in a Watching the cool kids jockey for position within their clique sort of way, is Trump’s apparent inability to say no to anyone who wants to be on his transition team. Six vice chairs would not sound efficient if all six had been presidents. If I were a betting person I’d place one on Trump being late to his inauguration.

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