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One week down


Exactly one week ago at about this hour, the first reports began to leak out that something might be going seriously wrong in several swing states that everybody, including Trump’s own people, had pretty much conceded for Clinton.

The next few hours unfolded as a nightmare from which we are still trying to awake — or at least I am.

This thread is intended to give people a chance to describe their own emotional and intellectual journey over the past seven days.

I’ll kick things off by admitting that if anything I feel worse now than on the morning after, although the persistent feeling of being vaguely hung over has faded.  Day by day, as the initial shock fades, the practical realities of the situation become more apparent, and the feeling grows that on some level I no longer the recognize the country in which I was born and have spent my whole life, but which seems perhaps irrevocably different to me now.

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