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Buck you, Nick Kristof


Abusers are horrible people, but their enablers are almost as bad, and with the I like to watch vibe thrown in as a nightmare bonus.

And on that topic, here’s the NYT’s human rights, women’s rights, health, global affairs concern troll to explain why we’ll feel so much better if we give our lunch money to the class bully.

Yet, like it or not, we Americans have a new president-elect, and it’s time to buck up. I’ve seen past elections that were regarded as the end of the world — including, in many Democratic circles, the Reagan triumph of 1980 — and the republic survived. This time as well, our institutions are stronger than any one man. We are not Weimar Germany.

We are not Weimar is an awesome rallying cry. If you’re a moron. And it is not a comfort to be reminded various concepts survived Reagan. Unlike the NYT’s human rights columnist, I’d don’t think that makes up for the many living, breathing human beings who didn’t survive Reagan, in part because Smilin’ Ron was one of the many malicious homophobes who convinced themselves that there could be such a thing as a virus that only killed gay men.

As an aside – when talking about actual human beings, the verb survive is a very chilly one. Thanks in part to people like Trump, we know human beings can survive – that is still have vital functions – all sorts of horrible things. Torturers rely on the durability of the human body. In America, people have developed bizarre, psuedo-evolutionary theories about the mental and physical durability of African-Americans that combines with a number of other biases to lower the quality of health care they receive, even when they can afford it. That people will survive should be so basic an assumption that it doesn’t warrant mentioning. When it does warrant mentioning, it should be a cause for alarm.

Or to put it in terms Mr. Attitude of Platitude might understand, at least explain why the standard dropped from Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to You’ll live.

Forgive me if I ramble here a bit, I haven’t been sleeping well of late. Back to this asshole.

It was disgraceful that many Republicans eight years ago tried to make President Obama fail. That’s not the path to emulate. Today, having lost, we owe it to our nation to grit our teeth and give President-elect Trump a chance.

That’s what was published. Here it is with the blanks filled in:

It was disgraceful that many racist Republicans … tried to make President Obama fail because he’s African-American. That’s not the path to emulate. Today, having lost, we (by which I mean the sort of people I like to imagine don’t read the Times) owe it to our (by which I mean ours, not theirs) nation, to grit our (them again, no way do I expect our sort to suffer any discomfort) teeth and give President-elect Trump, a racist who was endorsed by the Klan and used racism to get elected, a chance to do some of the horrible things he promised to do. Because I like to watch.

Nicholas Kristof couldn’t write without a full bag of lies, logical fallacies and cliches if he were paid to. Fortunately for him lies, logical fallacies and cliches are exactly what the NYT wants. And really, this oleaginous dick’s style is perfect for members of the dominant order (I assume psuedoliberals and demicrats are drawn to this particular type of garbage) who want someone else to tell them lies to reinforce the lies they tell themselves. Eight years ago Republicans tried to make President Obama fail. Pay no attention to the other 2,919 days. It’s all in the past anyway, get over it.

His Obama and Trump were both winners of presidential elections false equivalence is perfect for the sort of people won’t acknowledge racism exists until (maybe) it has set something or someone on fire. And then they call it mental illness or economic insecurity or decide the victims were at fault: Serves them right for being so flammable!

I’m sure his patronizing tone gives them a thrill as well. They can mimic it when they’re talking to that cute black gal who thinks she’s his manager.

Having said that, Trump has talked about repealing Obamacare, deporting millions of our neighbors, instituting religious tests, overturning President Obama’s actions on climate change and moving the Supreme Court far to the right. How can progressives respond with anything but resistance — or emigration? As it became clear that Trump had been elected, Canada’s website for immigration crashed from too much traffic.
It’s complicated, but let me offer a few reasons to hold off on your visa application:

The complicated reasons not to – indulgent chuckle – apply for a Canadian visa are a selection of the same turds the Be Kind to People Who Hate You squad tried to hand out during the election and then sulked when people recoiled and said Keep that shit away from me.

The reasons not to resist are absent from this article. Kristof mentioned people standing up for principles they believe so that he could lump them in with the seekers of Canadian visas that are leaking straw everywhere and then spoken to like wayward toddlers. God knows the last thing this man wants to think about is people resisting when someone tries to mistreat them. That completely ruins the mood.

Today, we’re a country divided not only by ideology but also by identity.

So unlike the past, when other identities couldn’t vote. And even after they could vote they could be assaulted, killed, put in prisons or insane asylums if they got out of hand so there wasn’t so much of this resistance.

Whites voted for Trump by a margin of 21 percentage points; blacks for Clinton by 80 percentage points. If it had been only women voting, Clinton would have won in a landslide. (Thank God for women and people of color!)

In case it wasn’t already crystal clear that he is addressing like-minded men; the sort who think that so long as they aren’t wearing Klan robes and/or groping women who have said no, they’re A-O.K. I may come back to this particular graph later. For now suffice it to say people like Kristof don’t roam the street looking for women and people of color to assault, but they’re still dangerous. Also, fuck this guy.

Unfortunately, Trump’s proposed policies would exacerbate the inequity that he campaigned on. And normal checks and balances will not apply, for he will be working with a Republican Senate, a Republican House and a majority-Republican Supreme Court.

I get the feeling he was typing with one hand at this point, if you know what I mean. Inequality! No checks and balances! Republicaaaans! Helpless … women … and … people … of colooooor!!!

And another sweat sock goes into the garbage.

One crucial check could be the news media —

Ha ha ha ha ha!

if we are up to it.

I’m sure that once they clear out the 7,000,000 word overset of EMAIL EMAIL ET PUIS EMAIL stories, they’ll get right on it.

I’ve been very critical this year of the role that we in the media, especially cable television, played in Trump’s rise. We need to be watchdogs, not lap dogs.

Trust Trump not to be as horrible as he said he’d be. Trust the press that was so busy wondering when Clinton was going to be tried for her crimes that it could barely bring itself to note that Trump is being sued all over the place to do something if he is. And if that makes sense, I know of a great deal on a unicorn farm.

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