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The Other HA! Goodman of the Right



I think I prefer this one:

Mitchell has become this cycle’s mascot for a specific strain of poll-unskewing, conspiracy-theorist Trump supporter — earnest enough in his mistrust of modern electoral data and disdain for basic math that many have suspected @mitchellvii is perhaps a parody account. A few of his greatest hits:

“You notice how close Trump stands to this black man as he listens to him? No racist would ever do that.”

“If you think about it, Hillary putting women into ‘baskets’ may be one of the most sexist things ever said in a political campaign.”

“Trump’s groundgame isn’t in a computer, it’s in our hearts”

“Imagine polls don’t exist. Show me evidence Hillary is winning?”

“Jesus was perfect and the media of his day had him crucified.”

But Bill Mitchell is no performance artist and, should you meet him, he’ll tell you that unprompted. “Oh, people think this is a parody account? Well, I have 90,000 followers and a blue check, so explain that,” he told me over a recent Skype interview. (Mitchell wouldn’t do in-person interviews for “security reasons,” suggesting “there are those on Team Hillary who do not wish me well.”)


In truth, Mitchell’s only qualification seems to be that he just started tweeting a lot. “I’ve always been clever with words,” he said. “As a recruiter, I make my living as a communicator. I’m good with word images and painting pictures with a short phrase here and there that people can relate to.” When asked how much time he spends crafting his tweets, he dismissed the idea that there’s too much forethought. “I’m just firing the thoughts out as I come to them. I have an interesting take, you see. I delve into the internals and really tell people what’s going on and it’s given me some fame.”

And, I mean, why shouldn’t he be a minor star — is the quality of his analysis worse than Peggy Noonan’s?

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