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I Wonder How Horsie Sauce Would Go with Turtle



Arby’s, which is the worst fast food chain in the country if you except Sbarro’s for not actually being food, has decided to offer deer on its menu. Yep, deer.

Oh deer — Arby’s is making a venison sandwich.

The fast food chain known for hot roast beef and brisket is embracing its “We Have the Meats” slogan by adding wild game to the menu this hunting season.

Arby’s is rolling out a thick-cut venison steak starting Monday sourced from “free-range farmed deer that feed on fresh grass from New Zealand,” according to an Arby’s spokesperson. The steak is marinated in garlic, salt and pepper, and cooked for three hours. It will be topped with crispy onions and juniper berry sauce.

The $5 speciality sandwich will be available in 17 stores at select “heavy deer hunting areas” in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia through Nov. 27, according to the press release.

I love the idea of offering New Zealand deer in a state like Pennsylvania, which is absolutely overwhelmed with deer. I don’t love the idea however of actually eating this. But hey, maybe McDonald’s can start offering bison burgers. And I’ll bet that Panera turtle soup is going to be tasty!

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