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Here is an excerpt from a Democracy Now! interview in which Glenn Greenwald makes the exact same argument conservative outlets have been floating for months now–that Democrats have “cried wolf” too many times in past elections.

GLENN GREENWALD: I mean, Donald Trump is—I mean, the tactic of the Democratic Party in the last 25 years—they know that ever since they became the party of sort of corporatism and Wall Street, they don’t inspire anybody, so their tactic is to say the Republican Party is the epitome of evil. Even when they have conventional nominees like Mitt Romney or John McCain, they demonize them and say they’re this unparalleled threat to democracy. In this election, just by coincidence, it happens to be true.

Here he is normalizing modern Republicanism, something some alt-leftish/bro-left have recently accused Hillary Clinton  of doing. John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate. SARAH. PALIN. Mitt Romney was caught calling 50% of the country moochers. These two acts alone should have been disqualifying for both candidates. That they are considered “conventional” by Glenn Greenwald is troubling. In a sense he’s right: they are conventional by today’s standards…in that they are still terrifyingly bad candidates who might have done real harm to the country yet cosnervatives/Republicans still chose/supported them. That Trump is a worse candidate still is not the fault of liberals/Democrats. In what sense is Glenn Greenwald on the left? Can he truly claim to care about economic issues if he’s willing to normalize the sentiments of Mitt Romney?

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